“After struggling with a lifetime of trauma, abuse and self-esteem issues and finding that traditional counseling therapies did not move me forward, I looked into coaching but found that what most life coaches charged, I couldn’t afford. I was in desperate need of help so what was I to do? My prayers were answered when I received a referral to contact Paul Novello. I knew nothing about him and after going through therapist after therapist and reading all of the self-help books I could find to no avail, I was pessimistic, depressed and almost didn’t call him. I had undergone several medical procedures and the medications given to me were making things worse. Though I always smile through things in front of others, deep inside, I was done, ready to give up. Everything in my life, my marriage, my kids, my family, my career, my health and my mental state of mind was in disarray. I had even suffered a severe loss of identity. What Paul did for me in his free, initial consultation, no other therapist did in twenty years. He showed me the light, the light inside me that continues to glow no matter what I’ve gone through, he showed me the steps I could take to get to where I needed to go and most of all, he illuminated another picture, one that I could paint with my own colors and know that it would be fabulous. How is it possible that he was able to do this without ever having spoken to me before? He knew nothing about me and my life situation was so damn complicated! It’s because…he’s absolutely amazing. He is extremely insightful, compassionate, honest and so easy to talk to – he’s even got a great sense of humor. I’ve only worked with him for a short time and indeed, while my road to recovery is still being paved, my life is already so different from what it was before. I am learning to value both my physical and mental health, to count my blessings, to stand up for myself, I am becoming stronger about family issues and though I struggle within myself, I have mustered up the courage and focus to look for meaningful work, not just the kind of job that has perpetually sucked the life out of me for most of my professional career. I went from being bedridden, broke and regularly nervous to taking a major leap of faith –  I felt so deeply that my environment was destroying my kid’s health and mine, so I moved to another state to live in a city that I had only dreamed about for the past three years. I also went from not being able to look at my kids in the face – ever – out of guilt and feeling inadequate (I ran and hid in my room every day as soon as I got home), to now, embracing them every chance I get, playing with them in the park, taking them to all the places I envisioned myself taking them as a mom, helping them with projects and most of all, enjoying them immensely because they are so special to me. I’ve even called up long lost friends who have given up on me, I drove again for the first time in 10 years and learning to network. I don’t know how I did it exactly, it’s like I blinked and suddenly went from extreme pollution and dark clouds to sunshine and ocean breezes. Hey, that’s not a bad way to begin the rest of my life! Paul pointed out resources that I wasn’t seeing, he reminded me of the light I had within me and encouraged me to jump, because he knew I would land on my own two feet. When I first called him, I thought he might help me get out of bed so I could interview for jobs because I needed income, that’s really all I was expecting. I soon realized that he is so multi-talented; he uses all of his knowledge and energy to provide optimal service to his clients. He goes out of his way when he doesn’t have to and I am forever indebted to him. All I know is having Paul in my corner filled a void in my life that was burying me alive. Thank you Paul for bringing me out of the darkness and showing me the light.” – A. H. New York, NY

Thank you for your expert coaching services. I just completed my website and I am well on my way to promoting my business in a new way. Your coaching created a safe environment for me to focus in on what I need to do to create the opportunities that I want in my life. Your skill, commitment, preparation, and knowledge is enough to recommend people to you for your coaching services; but your caring nature and honest desire to inspire, is why I encourage people to seek you out as the best choice for a professional life-coach.” – Stephen, New York, NY

I have been privileged to work with you individually and in group sessions. You are experienced, skillful and insightful as well as kind and compassionate. You are awesome at creating a safe space to allow for growth, healing and accomplishment. You are patient, understanding and a great listener. You have helped me to understand how to fine tune my thinking and how I can make small shifts to better serve my goals. You build trust and connect in a way that both challenges and comforts. You are an encouraging and objective advocate with a sincere interest in my wins both big and small. You have given me heartfelt appreciation for the value of coaching. Traditional therapy has its place, however, I find the core energetic work of coaching to be incredibly helpful and recommend the process to anyone looking to make timely changes in their lives and looking to live their passion. You have a unique gift and instinct to guide individuals into areas that they need to address most at the moment. We have come a long way together. Your honesty and commitment to those you coach is extraordinary. You truly act as a catalyst that helps people actualize their hearts desire. Thank you for all your love, guidance and support.” – Jeannette, New York, NY

“I found that by participating in the weekly calls, it was not your everyday life coaching….It was not about asking for a raise or a promotion from your current employer.  It was much more than that; it was looking at the possibility of inventing something greater in my life than I could have imagined. Paul assisted me in tearing down walls, enabling me to be more powerful and allow myself to believe and take daily actions to accomplish my vision.” -Alfreda, New York, NY

Paul, I want to thank you for the wonderfully helpful coaching sessions you provided to me. I am doing really well in the new aspects of my career, thanks in large part to your encouragement and support. I have also been able to follow your wisdom in achieving much more satisfaction in my family life and hobbies, in a very balanced way. Your compassion and intelligence has been invaluable and I wanted to take a few minutes from my productively busy life to let you know. – Joe, New York, NY

What I like about Paul is his excellent listening skills and creativity. He is generous in sharing information and ideas. – Alex, Bergenfield, NJ

Paul coached me through some of my hardest relationship challenges. I was able to gain more clarity and transcend my negative thoughts into nurturing, loving ones towards myself and those around me and for that I am grateful. “    – Lizette, New York, NY

I highly recommend Paul to anyone who wants to get their life back on track and make their dreams come true.”      – James, New York, NY